echoing. wanderlust



Anxiety. Restless. Breathe.

Putting down roots? Breathe.

My life has been on 1-2 year rotation. I’ve never held a job for more than 2 years at the same place. Move to college. Move to marriage. Move to grad school. Move to job. Move to rental. Move to first home.

Putting down roots? That’s claustrophobic.

We now own a home. We are in stable jobs. We have a kid. We have a white fence (seriously). We have a church we love. We have friends that breathe life into us. We have family that supports us in ways that carry us through the hard times.

So now what? What happens with life now?

This is a new stage for us because we’re not in the “young-twenty’s discovery” stage anymore. Somehow….somewhere along the last few years…..we became grownups.

Almost every conversation the last month has been surrounding the “what next?” question. And you know what? We think we have heard the answer.

We have this restlessness, this tension to always be doing something or going somewhere. The term is “wanderlust”. To move on to the next thing. But now, we need to be still. We need to plant our feet, wiggle a little, and put down roots. We are finally being asked to get messy in life and to do the hard work of living for the long-term.

Because we are asked to love others. We gotta love our neighbors. We are asked to love mercy. Extend forgiveness and grace to those we think don’t deserve it. Because God gives us mercy and grace everyday. We are asked to seek justice. Who is hurting? Who is exploited? We need to help! We need to not just talk, but actually allow our convictions to move us to action and life change. We are asked to walk humbly. Stop the selfishness and compliments and complaints and self-image. Just live simply.

So here we are. Pushing back on the wandering, and testing to see how far our roots can grow in the place we are in. Someday, something will pull up these roots and we will be transplanted. But for now, we’re growing. We are ready to grow deep.