phoneography. everyday moments

Playtime by the couch, he loves to roll the little ball along the seams and squeal as it comes close to him!

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Playing at daycare

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Hanging out with mama on her day off work!

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The little bear was his very first toy we played with him when he was just a few weeks old. Now, seeing him hold it, was pretty awesome.

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He LOVES waterbottles. I never know how he gets them when I turn my back for a second….

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He still naps in the packnplay. When we try to do naptime in his crib, it seems to freak him out. 


He naps really well in the stroller. In fact, that is our “if-nothing-else-is-working” method for naptime.


And of course, the carseat works well too…

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Ethan loves to be outside! The sounds and textures are great for him.

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First Bike ride! Loved the ride, hated the helmet. We’ll have to work on that….

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His new favorite = graham crackers. He loves to self-feed so this is a perfect snack.

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Ethan has a 15-20min “wind-down” time between playing and napping. Cuddling with a book seems to do the trick pretty well.

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Ethan is a wonderful shopping companion! Sitting in the carts, looking around at all the people (and of course giving them his cheesy smile), it’s a lot of fun doing errands with him! Here we are doing grocery shopping at Aldi.

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