echoing. child dedication


Tomorrow we are celebrating Ethan’s baby dedication! What this means is that Matt and I are committing to several things =

  • No matter what amazing parents we think we are in influencing and teaching Ethan, we are not the purpose of his life. God wants to teach Ethan how to love others. God wants to show Ethan how he is going to change his world. We surrender Ethan to God’s plan and not our own.
  • We promise to do our best to live authentic, messy lives trying to be like Jesus. We want to love others unconditionally and without judgement. We want to use our money and gifts in a way that benefit everyone and not just ourselves. We will do our best to teach Ethan about Jesus, but it not up to us to give him salvation. We want to live a life that Ethan will see as godly. 
  • We commit to share in shaping who Ethan IS and not focus on what he DOES. We want him to have compassion for the hurting and act on it, be honest in his work and hobbies, and build a life around Jesus. How he does that is not our focus. We want to shape his character and not his works.
  • We commit to placing time for God and each other above our responsibilities as parents. We can not lead by example if we ourselves and not being fed spiritually and emotionally. This requires dates, small groups and alone time. We commit to protect our time and energy to focus on God and each other.

These things are wonderful intentions, but we can not do this without supportive family and friends. Keep us in your prayers. Be thinking of us and keep us accountable to our promise. We welcome you to continue on this adventure with us!