echoing. sleep like a baby

If you have ever been around a baby, you would know what we know. The phrase “sleep like a baby” is a complete joke. I have no idea who pegged that as an idiom for sound sleep, but that person obviously did not have a child.

I was under the impression that a baby sleeps a lot. The books said 17 hours a day. That, like an adult, you lay down and go to sleep when it’s bedtime.


For the first 3 months, sleep for us happened in 1-2 hour chunks throughout a 24 hour period. There was really no day or night. It was just….life. There must be some sort of adrenaline component to that stage because somehow, even though we were sleep deprived, we actually felt pretty good.

Then at 4 months, Ethan started to sleep longer 3-4 hour chunks and we actually felt MORE tired. By that time, the newness had worn off and our bodies were trying to tell us we couldn’t sustain what was going on.

Now, at 7 months, we are all sleeping well. A 6-8 hour chunk at night is now the norm.

But do you know how I know we are still tired?

  • At least once a week I get all packed in the car, seat belt on…and realize I don’t have my keys.
  • Several times I start pumping and realize I didn’t attach the bottles and milk is getting all over me
  • I will finally respond to a question Matt asked me more than 10 minutes prior

And in these tired moments, when my baby needs to take a nap, I just don’t have the energy to teach him to sleep by himself.

So I tell myself I am a better mom if I am rested. I shut the blinds, grab a blanket, and cuddle with him on our bed at 11am. And we nap together.

And that is sleeping like a baby.