everyday. cabin with kyle and sara

Our amazing friends Kyle and Sara invited us (or did we invite ourselves? Not quite sure how that went…) to their family’s cabin and it was awesome. It was a beautiful evening to hang out and relax with friends!



The cabin was so peaceful and homey….we loved sitting together and just taking it easy. Ethan was enthralled by the fireplace. He just laid forward and stared at it, completely relaxed.


We woke up to a beautiful sunrise.


And then it was time to play! Ethan loved playing ball with Kyle. I tried to sneak in some photos with my phone of the two of them playing together! Their joy was so genuine it warmed my heart.


006 (2)

As I packed up the car to head out, I turned the corner and through the glass front door, I saw Kyle had grabbed his guitar and was playing to Ethan…who was contently watching and doing a little dance.


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