dear son. seven months old


Dear Ethan,

This last month has been completely amazing with you. And for the first time, the time has seemed to go by too fast.

You are truly a joy. We hope, someday when you are an adult, you can read this and believe it with your entire being.

Your smile is insanely infectious. Your happy “screeching”, little giggles, buzzing lips (and spraying drool everywhere)…all these things are regular moments that we get to enjoy everyday.

This month we decided to encourage you to sleep through the night, and we are making progress. The first few nights, after nursing you to bed at 630, you would wake up at 9 and you cried and cried for an hour. We continued to go into your room every 10-20min to soothe you and tell you it’s ok and eventually you fell asleep. We are still nursing you if you wake up crying after 2am. And now, at 7 months old, you nurse to bed at 630pm and eat at 5am and 7am. You will still wake up whining  for about 1o minutes a few times during the night, but you seem to get back to sleep pretty well on your own.

You have two teeth and you are a great eater! Your favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots, and peas. You LOVE water in our water bottles and your sippy cup. You also have eaten noodles, blueberry muffins and bread with enthusiasm.  For whatever reason, you’re not a fan of applesauce, bananas, or oatmeal.

What a rolling machine you are! You love to hold little balls in your hands, drop them, and then roll to go get them. You still love reading books and playing with the rings. Our days are filled with lots of activities = infant storytime, mall walking, the local zoo, playdates, small group/church, and of course family. You love to sit and play in the family room as we make dinner and do housework. And on the three days you go to daycare, you love that as well!

Your personality continues to be very outgoing and friendly. You love other kids! This month was the first time you showed some “shyness” with strangers (when you would tuck your head down), but you then quickly warm up to them and give others a goofy-head-tilt smile!

Keep growing little boy. Every once in a while, we have a bittersweet moment when we realize you are no longer a little baby. But we look at each other and smile, knowing that these developments are all a normal part of life and so many more moments are on their way.

We love you!

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Dear Son