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After reading The Dirty Life (a memoir on farming), Matt and I felt very strongly to find our local farmers and support them! We loved visiting our local farmers market last summer, but this summer we especially want to find farmers in our immediate area.

Local Harvest is a website that allows you to find your local farmers, farmers markets, and CSA (community supported agriculture). Through this site, you are able to support your local farmers that are using their skills and time to provide healthy food.

The number one complaint with this is, “organic and local food is so expensive!” And the response is, yes, it usually is more dollar to pound cost. However, consider WHY it is more expensive. The farmers are picking weeds by hand (not using chemicals to kill). The cost of labor goes directly to the family providing the food, not companies that can create mass quantities in other areas of the country or world.

Consider the social aspect of walking through a farm or local market in the summer : getting exercise, surrounded by nutritious colorful delicious food, creating community and trust with people who live around you….can you tell we are SO EXCITED for summer to come!

Find your local farmers now as spring arrives! Find your local markets, or split a CSA share with another family. Have fun!