echoing. mall walking

Finding exercise and activity in Minnesota during the winter months can be a bit difficult. The two most popular options are gym memberships (which become hit and miss on attendance for us) and actual outdoor exercise (which we don’t own skates, sleds, snowshoes…and even if we did, we probably wouldn’t enjoy it unless we did it with friends. We are people who like to stay warm and cozy). Long story to say we have officially become “those people”. Mall walkers.

Yes, mall-walkers. It’s an actual thing. I didn’t know this existed until my parents mentioned they did it (which I then assumed only old people did this (obviously not you mom and dad, you’re the exception). After Ethan was born, I was SHOCKED to find out there are tons of young parents that do this. Malls open a few hours before stores open just for this purpose.

And you know what? It gets us out of the house, we get good exercise and good fellowship. We resist the temptation to buy mall food by bringing our own PBJ, pretzels and carrots for a little picnic!

We are fortunate to have the Mall of America just a few miles away from our home. If you walk each of the three levels twice, you have walked three miles. Pretty great.

Of course, we stop every so often to just people watch. Ethan loves it. He finds one person and follows them with his eyes until they turn the corner…and then he does it with the next person. And his stare is pretty intense.


What about you? How do you get in your activity during the winter months? If you are like us and struggle with it, never fear…it is March and spring is ALMOST HERE!