dear son. six months old


Dear Ethan,

Precious baby boy, how do we even begin to tell you how much we love you. You are such a JOY! You are full of smiles, you love people (seriously, you love to watch others and lean forward and touch their face). You giggle when we toss you up in the air or blow on your tummy or play peek-a-boo. Your smile is often so big, it overwhelms your face and you throw your head back to make it even bigger! You cuddle into our neck, grab our face, and smear drool all over our face and shirt as you happily welcome us home.

You have really become a daddy’s boy this month. When dad walks into a room or starts talking, your head whips over to find him and you get this huge wide-mouth smile. It knocks your entire body backwards, and you reach for him.

You sleep on your tummy now. No swaddle or anything. A paci, a lullaby. And you sleep wonderful.You have been taking 3 30min naps, which is great that you sleep, but we wish it would be a little longer. In the evening, once your “frantic-playing” starts at around 5:30pm, we get you into your jammies, hug and play with you, and then nurse and bedtime at 6:15pm. You usually wake up about 8:30pm hungry again, so we nurse one more time and then you wake up at 1pm and 5pm.

The big change this month has been your new daycare! We love it, you love it, it’s the perfect fit for us right now. We wake you up at 7am, pack up milk and clothes, and then daddy drives you to daycare. It’s located just a minute walk from his work, so daddy visits you during his lunch break! Your teacher (Kris) tells us that you truly love to watch all the kids! The toddlers love to play with you at the end of the day and you fill your day with jumperoo, books, and playing the piano with your feet.

For a baby cry, you have a soft whimpery cry. Other people often laugh at your little cry since it’s more of an exaggerated whine. But you are a very content kiddo and usually don’t cry unless you are overly tired or very hungry.

Sitting by yourself, you love to play with cups and rings. You reach for what you want, even if it means tumbling over.

You have had your first real illnesses. RSV, Ear Infection, Thrush. And Believe it or not, you actually tolerated it all quite well.

This has been a huge milestone for us as parents. We did it. We made it to 6 months, and what a crazy adventure it has been so far. This next stage will be full of firsts…first food, first crawl, first steps (and head-bonks), first words. Oh boy, little one. You have taught us time management, self-control, to care less about what we wear (or if it has drool), and that the joy you bring us outweighs the fatigue. What new things will you teach us next? We love you to the moon and back, our little boy.

love, daddy and mama








Dear Son