everyday. laundry


We have accepted the truth = there will ALWAYS be laundry. With this in mind, I do my best to not complain that we are doing laundry for the second or third time in a week. I love our cloth diapers, but it does make for extra loads during the week. Add the excessive drool on our clothes (oh yes, it is on ALL of our clothes), we go through clothes much faster than I thought.  I have been putting Ethan in the basket when I have to do my 2 flights of stairs with the laundry….because there is not an easier way to carry the basket and a four-month-old at the same time, other than put him in it!

So I put on a smile, think to myself “look at all this exercise I’m getting!”, and do another load.

Oh, and in full disclosure, Matt does the laundry 80% of the time. So THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are a rock-star!