dear son. one month


Dear little Ethan,

Happy 1 month birthday! You have grown so much already. Everyone comments how much you have changed even from the previous week!

You LOVE to talk. Well, grunt, moan, and sigh. But it is your voice to us. Every so often, when you are awake, you make a sound and we can actually hear your voice come through. Perfect pitch and tone. Just wanting to start to babble and talk to us. However, your talkativeness at night often keeps us awake and we may need to move you from the bassinet in our room to your crib in your own room very soon! Either way, you always give us a warning of your needs with your voice before you start to cry so we love to hear it!

Your movements are becoming slowly more deliberate and controlled. When we hold you on our chest, you love to lift your head on your own, hold it for a few seconds, and then you come quickly down. Yes you have given us a few head butts, but your neck is becoming stronger everyday.

So little one. What color is your hair going to be? When people see you, their first reaction after stroking your head is “where did the red hair come from?” You have a tinge of strawberry, tinge of blond, and a tinge of brown. What will it be? We continue to wait and see.

Your eyes are SO BLUE. Especially in the sun. Blue eyes like dad. Vry long eyelashes. Blond and curled. Also just like dad’s.

Did you know that you are a wonderful eater? Yup. Last week you restarted breastfeeding because mom was all healed from her infections. As much as you loved to guzzle the bottle of the pumped milk, we really wanted to get you breastfeeding again. And you have been a champ. You are so patient with mom as she struggles to figure out the best way to hold you. To re-position you when it hurts so bad. To wipe you down with milk comes pouring out and gives you a milk-bath. You wait through it all, ready to eat. And you are getting bigger and taller everyday. However, we do notice you have some reflux and stomach gurgles that can cause you pain. We move your legs around like a bicycle, bring your knees to your chest, and twisting your body around to get things moving. This usually calms it down for you and look at us wide-eyed wondering what’s going on. Oh….one other thing. We tried little gas-x medicine drops for you, and you love love LOVE the taste. You smack and lick your lips after and have this look of “yuuummm”. We don’t use is very often since we’re not convinced it helps.

How are you liking the cloth diapers? We started them last week and after the first few days of struggling, we now LOVE them! They make your butt big and soft. It’s easy to hold you since it adds a little bit more bulk. We would ask that you try not to pee on us when we change you. Oh, and you have this wonderful habit of pooping RIGHT after we change you. Not that we blame you. It’s probably no fun to go in a wet diaper. Better to wait till your clean and dry. And then go. That way you get two clean diapers out of the deal. And mom and dad get more exercise walking back upstairs to change you.

You have had many new experiences during the last few weeks. You go to church on Sunday mornings, all wrapped up in the BabyK’Tan and everyone loves to ooh and ahh over you. You have been to Target for a few runs and even went grocery shopping at Trader Joes with mom for the first time!

It is fall now. The weather is cool in the afternoon and the leaves are starting to change colors already. Dad works from home in the 2nd bedroom office and stays very busy. However he does sneak down around lunchtime to cuddle and hold you. Mom is at home full time for these first 12 weeks and is staying busy taking care of you while dad works.

You know little one. Your needs are basic and rotate on a 2-3 hour schedule. Eat x 20 min. Try to wake you up x 5 min. Burp x 5 min. Change your diaper. Play with you. Calm you when you fuss. Wiggle your legs. Get in 5-10min of dishes….or laundry…or editing photos…or blogging….Then do it all over again. Repeat 10-12x. Repeat the next day. We do our best to meet your needs and teach others who care for you how to meet them as well. And you have such patience with us when we don’t quite do it right.

Keep growing baby Ethan. Keep talking to us. Keep looking around, discovering and learning. Keep cuddling. Keep teaching us. Keep bringing joy to others. We love you.

love, dad and mom